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Iowa trout fishing information and advice

The Complete Guide to
Iowa Trout Streams

Jene Hughes

Edited by Jesse David Hughes

          • 184 pages
          • 42 detailed maps
          • New fly charts, fishing advice, and photos
          • Descriptions and directions to all streams
          • Step-by-step illustrated instructions for the three most inportant knots


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This is merely the second printing of the 2007 3rd edition. A full update wasn't justified, but I added the anniversary banner to mark the milestone. If you already have the 3rd edition, wear it out before replacing it with this one!
20th Anniversary Printing, 2014
A note from the author...
I wrote and published the first edition of "The Iowa Book" in ten frantic weeks during the autumn of 1994. At the time, I was feeling a deep sense of urgency. A recent surge of interest in fly fishing was peaking, and the only help available to potential Iowa trout anglers was a crude map that looked as though someone had sketched the trout streams on county road maps with a felt-tip pen, which I suspect is actually the case. My own first attempt at sampling Iowa trout fishing had been frustrating, and I wanted the new wave of anglers to enjoy immediate success, which to me means at least finding fishable water.

By the time I began work on the second edition in 1999 and 2000, the situation had improved dramatically. The Iowa DNR had produced a significantly improved map, and the growing interest in wild trout had triggered the protection of additional streams where wild fish had established themselves.

Relieved of my initial urgency, I was able in the second edition to discuss every trout stream in Iowa, complete with new maps and illustrations.

More than a year has passed since the second edition went out of print, so I revisited the book once again, this time concentrating on new stream access management and on improving the tackle and fly selection advice. New charts of recommended fly patterns should prove especially valuable and useful to all anglers.

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